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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology Solves Complex Human Problems

Clinical Psychology There is nothing more unique and complex than a human being.  Clinical psychology is a science of understanding the uniqueness and complexity of a human being.  Clinical Psychologists help people live healthier lives.  Clinical Psychologists apply clinical research and science of Brain – Mind- Emotion- Personality- Behavior to understand and help the problems…

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Serious Psychological Distress

Are you one of the 8.3 million of Americans suffering from Serious Psychological Distress ? Good Science Good Practice. Medical Minute Update: Recently published scientific study (April, 2017) reports a significant increase over the last 9-years in Serious Psychological Distress (SPD). Researchers from NYU Lagone Medical center analyzed database (9 years of data) from Federal…

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Eating Breakfast and Depression

DID YOU EAT YOUR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING? Good Science & Good Practice Medical Minute Update on Depression: Depressive symptoms and breakfast intake. Recently published (April, 2017) scientific study finds a strong relationship between frequency of eating breakfast and symptoms of depression. Lack of breakfast or seldom breakfast intake is strongly correlated with depressive symptoms. Participants…

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Am I Depressed? Take the Quiz

How Do I Know If I Am Depressed? Take the Quiz.

Depression Quiz Here is a list of symptoms/signs: If you have one or more, then you may be depressed. These symptoms/signs are the alert signals as a “call to action” to seek assessment from a qualified mental health practitioner. Do you feel sad, blue, dysphoric, unhappy, or empty inside? Have you lost your interest in…

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