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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology Solves Complex Human Problems

Clinical Psychology There is nothing more unique and complex than a human being.  Clinical psychology is a science of understanding the uniqueness and complexity of a human being.  Clinical Psychologists help people live healthier lives.  Clinical Psychologists apply clinical research and science of Brain – Mind- Emotion- Personality- Behavior to understand and help the problems…

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Personality Disorders: What, How, & When are They Formed.

Personality Disorder: What, How, When is It Formed

What is a Personality Disorder?  Personality Disorder is a pervasive set of problems that are theorized to begin in infancy or early childhood development and continue in adulthood. They are called Personality Disorders in the DSM-V because these problems tend to affect many aspects of a person’s personality, including sense of identity, sense of Self,…

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