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The "Teacher" called "emotional Suffering"

The “Teacher” called “Emotional Suffering”

The “Teacher” called “Emotional Suffering” How you receive this Truth is the level of your current openness and receptivity. Emotional Suffering is the psychological resistance/ the psychological layer that is created through non-acceptance by the Mind. The Mind is continuously processing the external world (outer environment) and the internal world (inner environment). The inner environment is…

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Coping with Traumatic Stress

Positive Coping with Traumatic Stress

When trauma survivors take direct action to cope with their stress reactions, they put themselves in a position of  awesome power. Positive active coping with trauma makes you begin to feel less helpless, not a victim, and like a Warrior. • Active coping means accepting the impact of trauma on your life and taking direct…

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Trauma PTSD

Common Reactions to Trauma

Most people have some kind of stress reaction after a trauma. Having such a reaction has nothing to do with personal weakness. Stress reactions may last for several days or even a few weeks. For most people, if symptoms occur, they will slowly decrease over time. What are common reactions to trauma? There are common…

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Anxiety, Worry

All About Generalized Anxiety: When Worry and Anxiety Don’t Go Away

Are you experiencing anxiety related to the present? Past? Future? Are your worries interfering with the life you want to live? ……..because there is nothing that the worrying mind cant make into a problem, so let us get that under control. Good Science: Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. You may feel anxious…

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