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Resilient You

The Practice of Mindfulness and the Practice of Sati

The Practice of “Mindfulness” and the Practice of “SATI” YANG and YIN What is mindfulness? Rhys Davids in 1910 coined the word “mindfulness” from the original seminal text in the Buddhist teachings, the satipaṭṭhāna sutta. Rhys Davids translated “Sati” from the Buddhist context “present-moment awareness” to “mindfulness”. I do not find any literature why Rhys…

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Meditation guidelines

Your Monkey-Mind. Meditation Guidelines

ॐ MEDITATION GUIDELINES ॐ Step 1 Meditation:  Become aware of the contact of your sit bones with whatever surface they are touching. Notice whether your pelvis is easily upright, or rolled under, or arched with the top tipped forward. Allow any tension around the sit bones to diminish. Let go of any tension holding the legs…

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