Specialization & Expertise

Dr. Freshwater is a dual PhD Clinical Psychologist & NeuroPsychologist with additional PostDoctoral diploma from the University of Florida College of Medicine.  She is an energy healer: Reiki-Tummo Master Level 3: and a YIN yoga instructor and Meditation instructor. She has dedicated the last 23+ years to the prevention and. intervention of the following:

 Depression | Bipolar
Anxiety | Stress | Panic Attacks
Personality Adaptations | Personality Disorders
Trauma | PTSD | C-PTSD
Phobias | Agoraphobia
Grief/ Loss/ Divorce/ Separation/ Broken Heart
Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine/ Mind-Body connection
Brain-Behavior/NeuroPsychology/Behavioral Neurology/NeuroScience
Anger Management
Attention Deficit / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Substance Recovery-Emotional and Behavioral
Life Challenges/Social & Relationship struggles
Self-Esteem/Confidence/ Performance/ Work and Career Issues
Spiritual Growth
Caregiver stress/Compassion fatigue/Burn Out