Resilient You

Resilient You

Every day and every moment gives you an opportunity to start over and be resilient. You are resilient and are capable to withstand and recover quickly from difficult conditions. You may not think so, but that is just your conditioned thought patterns. Conditioned thought patterns & core beliefs result in conditioned patterns of responding: actions and emotions. The truth is Life is on your side and will give you exactly what you need to evolve and transform.

We all have those stand down moments and life challenges that really require us to stop and center ourselves, clear the way for truth and transformation. Sometimes, those are painful moments, painful days, so much emotional suffering. You lose what you thought was a perfect relationship…when the job that defined you for 20-years is gone…when the people you counted on turn their backs on you…when you are diagnosed with illness…or death of a loved one. I am sure you can add here to my list. When these Life challenges present, you have an opportunity take a step forward on the path to your truest self and destiny.

Perceived failure is Life just trying to move you in another direction. This realization, I know for sure. Even devastation is there to bring us closer to Being more of who we really are.

In the midst of my own greatest turmoil, I too, frequently have to remind myself to get still, Let Go, and listen for the truth in the perception and experience. ~Life will always guide me to my deepest truth and to find the next right step. That is, grace and abundance.

When you get quiet and become more observant, more contemplative, and less reactive, you can find the gifts waiting for you buried in every challenge or problem. When you trust in the generosity of Life; releasing your fears, releasing your resistance, you can connect with the truth that every challenge opens a new door bringing you closer to your destiny, and how to embrace resilience where you can find gratitude, hope, and new dreams that Life is waiting to unveil.

When everything is Flowing, as we think it should be, it is easy to feel we are living in harmony with the rhythms of Life. However,  when there are clear challenges between how we want and how our life is unfolding we are more likely to engage in repetitive negative thought patterns and feel stress, doubt, anxiety, anger, grief, despair, depression. I am sure you can add to my list of emotional reactions here too.

You may judge a situation as wrong or unfair and what you perceive as your short-comings or failures. When your mind is full of resistance and painful thoughts, it may be difficult to access your innate state of wisdom, clarity, or creativity. You get caught up in your thoughts and begin to think that you are your thoughts and emotions, but this is false identification and you are creating suffering for yourself.

In the quiet of meditation, mind settles. You are able to witness your thoughts and limiting stories as a detached observer. As your awareness expands, you begin to see the hidden gifts and possibilities in what ever challenge you are facing—with a shift of perception, you realize what appeared to be a devastating set back is actually a cleared path for healing, evolvement, and transformation.

Shawna Freshwater, PhD

Shawna Freshwater, PhD

Hi, I am Dr. Shawna Freshwater, a PhD licensed Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, and Holistic Practitioner. ** I provide Psychotherapy, Coaching, Healing, Diagnostic testing & Mental Health Check-ups. ** I meet the needs of my patients and clients that are confidential and convenient to their schedule. ** I offer Remote / Online secure interactive video conferencing to USA residents and International clients. ** I also provide Concierge services at your home, office, or private location of your choice if you reside in South Florida Major Cities. ***Please see my website for more information about my credentials and areas of expertise. Thank you. Dr. Freshwater

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