Pre-Session Online Therapy Checklist

Protocol for
Online Video Interactive Therapy

Pre-session checklist so Therapy interruptions don’t occur

1. Quit out of all other non-therapy programs before the session.

Some important examples of programs to quit are:

  • Skype. This is a big offender. Even when you’re not making a call with it, Skype may be using your Internet connection for its own needs. Make sure you’ve quit Skype — not just closed its window.
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, and other file synchronization/sharing services. These use the Internet in the background all the time. It’s part of their job.
  • Cloud backup software. These programs are usually pretty mindful about not clogging your Internet pipe, but it’s probably best to shut them down for the duration of sessions. Remember to start them back up when you’re done, though!
  • Close web browser tabs or windows that you don’t need. Remember that many websites and web applications do a lot of Internet back-and-forth while you have them open.
  • Anything else you can find that’s open!

2. WiFi Connection

As long as you have a reliable WiFi connection, for example, you are able to stream services like Netflix, or Hulu, then your internet connection is fast enough to participate in Online therapy.

You know that little icon on your device (computer, Smart phone, iPad, tablet) that tells you how many bars you have for your WiFi connection.

If you don't have a good WiFi connection, then either connect your computer to the WiFi router with a cable, or move closer to the WiFi router.


3. Make sure your antivirus program and system software updates aren’t scheduled to run during the session.