LifeStyle Holistic Counseling

LifeStyle Counseling Integrates the Whole Person

LifeStyle Counseling is Holistic

LifeStyle counseling is holistic because you are a Whole Person. LifeStyle holistic therapy is the most powerful approach to intervention and prevention of mental and physical illnesses.

  • Prevention takes a proactive approach to well-being.
  • Intervention is to undertake to help heal or cure an already existing condition.

You are an Integrated Holistic Life System

Body-Brain-Mind-Thoughts-Behavior-Emotions-Energy-Spirit. In addition, you have a unique personality. You are, One of a kind. You are also conditioned by earlier and present social and environmental influences.

You are an integrated system.
Life energy or vitality can be low or can be high.
Is your vitality low or high?
How do you really feel each day?
What are your emotions telling you?
What does your body tell you?
What do your thoughts tell you?
How is your brain functioning?
Are you in a toxic relationship?
or a stressful work environment?
Are you engaging in self-defeating behaviors or Life promoting Behaviors?

If you feel like your life is spinning out of control, you aren't alone!

So many of us yearn for the ability to enjoy our lives and relationships, but feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of stress, upheaval, and crisis. It feels as though it's always something - maybe you get involved with the wrong partner, or your job presents unreasonable demands, your family expects the world from you, there is never enough time in the day, you just can't relax, and it seems like you're never enough. And the harder you work at feeling happy, the more stressed-out you become. Typical, right?

LifeStyle Holistic Counseling is Strength Based.

Dr. Shawna practices a Strength-Based model as the foundation for all of her evidenced scientific proven therapeutic modalities. Strength-Based is grounded in Positive Psychology. Strength-Based is about epic and powerful growth. Your strengths are harnessed and leveraged to create a more fulfilling holistic well-being.

Unfortunately, many “therapists” practice from a perspective of only finding what is “wrong” with the client and only treating what is “wrong” rather than identifying and leveraging their strengths. They focus on the negative or what is “wrong” with the client and leave the client feeling stuck and defective. Discovering what is “right and your strengths” is an essential part of your growth and is the first step in being the BEST version of yourself.

Dr. Shawna helps clients recognize and utilize their character strengths. Once a person has discovered their strengths and how to use them, they can begin to improve their quality of life. Dr. Shawna guides you to establish insight through an accurate holistic lens of what's going on in your life. From this significant vantage point of self-awareness, Dr. Shawna helps you to determine your goals and areas for growth moving forward to the next stage of the holistic counseling process.

Maybe you've been in therapy before, but after a while, you hit a wall.
You've talked about time management, processed some of your feelings, and tried to change the thoughts spinning in your head, as if your brain has been hijacked. In addition, you have invested significant time, effort, and $$$ money, but you're still not where you want to be. You still feel stuck.

It's not just you. Here's why you're not better.

Traditional talk therapy omits the Whole person.
Traditional talk therapy omits the inter-dynamics of brain functioning, body, immune system, spirit, personality adaptations, and social-economic-environment of the individual.

Traditional talk therapy also omits the significant impact of nutrition, exercise, and sleep on your mental and physical health. Traditional talk therapy rests solely upon the emotions and thoughts, and sometimes the behaviors of the patient/client.

Dr. Shawna is highly trained and skilled at assessing the Whole person. She is a holistic practitioner.

Traditional talk therapy omits telling you that you are already hardwired for health. Talk therapy has a lot to offer the individual; but talk therapy *alone* can not cure most of the illnesses, many of which are related to *the LifeStyle* of the patient/client. Traditional talk therapy also operates from an intervention model, with the assumption that you are already sick.

Dr. Shawna will educate, guide, and support you to make epic and Life promoting changes so that you become your own healer and self-supporting.

We are in the new era of medicine, mental health, and healing.

Today, instead of the archaic practice of intervention (where you are already feeling emotionally sick, stressed out, and with low energy) and holding the old limiting view the brain and body as only a biological machine.

Awesome clinical scientists, doctors, and healers know the Mind-Body system is a vast energetic network where spirit, matter, and power intersect—linking these energy centers to prevent illness and emotional suffering and to heal.

Dr. Shawna and other awesome doctors have changed their practice from intervention to holistic prevention of illness.

Lifestyle holistic coaching and lifestyle holistic medicine have emerged in various sectors, including among some psychiatrists, [who are experimenting with diet – ‘Holistic psychiatry’]; some neurologists [‘Holistic neurology’]; and physicians [‘Integrative medicine’, and ‘Nutritional therapy’] and Naturopathic doctors.

But none of these separate sector approaches is nearly as complete as the evidence-based integrative holistic practices by Dr. Shawna and her colleagues *Lifestyle Holistic Counseling for the Whole Person.

Life seems to be a tangible reality and yet it is fleeting and elusive. Every minute is precious. Today, you are. Tomorrow, you are not. Instead of choosing to merely exist, I urge you to experience the vitality of ~ Life.

I urge you to truly live a Life of satisfaction and Whole happiness

Dr. Shawna Freshwater
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, NeuroPsychologist,
A Holistic Practitioner


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