Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling

What are you doing with your precious life?
What are you ready to dissolve in your life that is not serving you?
What are you ready to ignite in your life to empower you? 

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, stressed out, relationship loss, or other challenges, then individual psychotherapy and counseling, can help you understand the problems you face, develop skills to break old patterns of reacting (thinking, emotions, behaviors) that are limiting you, dissolve symptoms, achieve a healthy mind-body, and empowered precious Life.

 The “therapeutic alliance”,  you and me, is a trusting and collaborative relationship. I help you to be seen, Soul seen.  I provide acceptance and non-judgment for you to deepen your understanding of yourself and become the person you want to be.  It is a healing space where you learn to build strengths, support, and resources. It is a healing space where you gain insight, discover solutions and implement them in your life. It is healing space for you to continue to grow and to learn more about yourself.

I am skilled at helping my patients create clear goals, and I am also flexible in providing space for more open exploration of healing emotional wounds when that is desired.

My style is compassionate, patient-centered, and interactive.  I ask questions when I have them and acknowledge patterns when I observe them.  My 25+ years of practice is informed by the “Best Practices” therapeutic modalities. What that means is I use “evidence based scientifically proven treatments”.  My therapeutic approach then is custom tailored to your unique personality and your own dynamic history. There is no one else like you, not now, before, or after.  You are precious and multifaceted.

I consider you the expert in what you want to achieve in therapy and life…and I think of myself as a consultant whose job is to help you explore meanings, find answers, and for you to have tools to navigate Life challenges. I will flow with you to examine behaviors and beliefs that are more or less useful to your precious life.

Warriors have skinned knees and broken hearts.
Warriors are the bravest
What can you do when you fall down?
RISE strong
Showing up for yourself is your greatest power !

How to Take Your Next Step?

If you’re interested in reaching out, I offer a Online Consultation in which you may ask me questions about my services and we can explore if we’d be a good fit.  Here is my direct Contact information . I’m here for you. Therapy can be completed during live in-office visits, Concierge Therapy services or by video conferencing for patients who live far away or are simply too busy for office visits.

I will be honored to know you, gain your trust, and help you on “The Path”.

ॐ With Love & Light, Shawna M. Freshwater, Ph.D.