Free Yourself From Anxiety

Free yourself from Anxiety


Free Yourself From Anxiety.  Life is abundant with problems, challenges and obstacles. For every problem solved, another will present. We often think  problems, challenges, and obstacles as being negative. When we think about them as being negative or overwhelming…there will be reactive energy felt in the body in the forms of physical stress (e.g. tension, aches/pains), emotions (e.g. anxiety, fear), and avoidant and reactive behaviors (e.g. substance use), and compromised cognitive processing (e.g. impaired attention/concentration, impaired learning and memory retrieval).

The mind-body health hazards of stress are numerous

Anxiety starts when we don’t know effectively how to adapt, cope, or flow with perceived stress.

Through unique combinations of “scientific psychological best practice” approaches that combines simple mindfulness practices and breakthrough insights from cognitive therapy, you can free yourself from symptoms of anxiety, panic, fear, and overwhelm.

You will also learn and practice powerful antidotes against the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety on your physical, mental, and emotional being.

Join me for a liberating tailor made program for you to transform your experience of stress and anxiety. You deserve to have a life of wholeness,  balance, and success.

We will start with educational components of empowerment, so that you understand how the four major ways stress presents itself—physically, psychologically, cognitively, and behaviorally.

You will begin to experience remarkable and scientifically validated changes that we will initiate through regular mindfulness practices, mind-body healing, and cognitive therapy.

I will lead you through scientifically proven mindfulness practices to relax, calm, and heal your body, emotions, and mind.  You will also learn how to retrain your neurobiology so it is not triggered by stress.  You will notice with practice an upgrade in the hard wiring of your brain with improved cognitive performance.

You will learn to bring your full and open attention to your experiences in the moment, create a self-healing space within to understand your anxiety with wisdom and compassion.

I hope that you understand the most important component to free you from anxiety is This:  You have a unique personality and your own dynamic history. There is no one else like you, not now, before, or after.  Therefore, it is paramount that we also complement the symptoms’ relief treatment plans with other scientifically proven treatment psychological modalities. Exploration and insight to ultimately understand the True Causes of your anxiety is the most important facet to prevent future symptom presentation.

Together as an alliance, you will gain insight and the coping tools to build your resilience and badass success in today’s very demanding world.

You can’t get away from life challenges and obstacles, but you can learn to manage stress reactions and anxiety symptoms without pharmaceutical medication.

Flow with me,
Dr. Shawna

Shawna Freshwater, PhD

Shawna Freshwater, PhD

Hi, I am Dr. Shawna Freshwater, a PhD licensed Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, and Holistic Practitioner. ** I provide Psychotherapy, Coaching, Healing, Diagnostic testing & Mental Health Check-ups. ** I meet the needs of my patients and clients that are confidential and convenient to their schedule. ** I offer Remote / Online secure interactive video conferencing to USA residents and International clients. ** I also provide Concierge services at your home, office, or private location of your choice if you reside in South Florida Major Cities. ***Please see my website for more information about my credentials and areas of expertise. Thank you. Dr. Freshwater

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