Fee Schedules

Payment is due at time of service. Please see below for Basic Fee Schedules and payment options. Please Note: Priority Access Concierge Services is a Bespoke Model of Care.  If you are a patient of Dr. Freshwater you will have direct access to the Doctor always. 


How much does it cost to visit a doctor? A better question would be: How much is your happiness and health worth to you? Your mental health directly affects your physical health and vice-versa. 

Dr. Freshwater provides In-person Private Practice Miami Beach.  She also provides services in an Online virtual clinic USA and EU.  She also provides Concierge services.

Dr. Freshwater provides  Online Clinic and Coaching Services click on link to learn more or go to Website Menu.

Dr. Freshwater also provides Direct Priority Access Concierge Services with same day appointments, and evenings and weekends Concierge Services and Counseling Services.  Please click on link or go to Website Menu to learn more.


New Patient Clinical consultation, Coaching Consultation, Case Consultation services, Supervision services, Psychological Testing Consultation, Neuropsychological Testing Consultation,  Research Consultation Services,  Forensic Consultation services

45-minutes consultation:   $300
60-minutes Consultation:  $400

A Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is provided after initial consultation and prior to initiating any service types.


Appointment Schedule for New Psychotherapy patients.

1st Session Clinical Intake: Review of Informed Consents | Clinical BioPsychoSocial Assessment | Psychiatric Intake | Symptomatic Psychological Testing. 90-minutes

2nd Session Personality psychological testing:  Extended Diagnostic Assessment: PERSONALITY Assessment: All persons applying for psychotherapies treatment (and coaching paradigms) will be assessed for his/her/their personality organization.  *Your Personality organization affects all aspects of your well-being: Emotions, Cognitions, Behavioral patterns, Identity, IntraPsychic Defenses, Coping mechanisms, Relationships, Work, Play, Success.  Personality assessment also is integral to selecting the most optimal and successful psychotherapy treatment modalities, and optimal treatment protocols for the goals you hope to achieve.

3rd Session: Sharing Testing diagnostic results, psychoeducation, review both symptomatic presentation and personality organization profiles, recommendations, collaboration, and treatment planning. 60-minutes

Psychotherapy Sessions:
Therapy Session:   45-minute session
Therapy Session:   60-minute session
Therapy Session:   75-minute session
Therapy Package Monthly Plans are available with 20% discounts.

*If you request an Urgent session (i.e. can't wait until your next session), then we will do our best to accommodate your urgent request on the same day.  There is a $100.00 add-on fee for your Urgency.  Note: this add-on fee does Not apply if you are Priority Access Concierge Client.

Focus Sessions: 

*Typically, therapy sessions occur 1-2x per week as a standing day and time reserved specifically for you. (For example: Affective Disorders ~ Axis 1 and other Axis 1 Co-occurring Disorders).

Deep Dive Sessions:  Fee discounts for root cause healing & integration. 

*Therapy sessions occur 3 - 5X per week as a standing day and time reserved specifically for you. (For example: Personality Disorders ~ Axis 2)  Psychodynamic | Psychoanalytic | NeuroPsychoAnalytic | Personality Integration  |  Brain Neuropsychological rehabilitation.

*If you are looking for Priority Access Concierge Services or are curious about more frequent sessions and/or  whether a Concierge Services Plan or a Package Plan may best suit your needs, then contact us we are here to help. ***Package Plans are the best option for Deep Dive Session Frequency and for Priority Access Bespoke Concierge Model of Care Services.

Priority Access Concierge Services

Dr. Freshwater provides Exclusive Premium Concierge and V.I.P. Elite Concierge Services for the Discerning Individual. Click on link or go to website Menu to learn more about Concierge Services.

FEE SCHEDULES for Premium Concierge and V.I.P. Elite Concierge Services.  Please contact Dr. Freshwater through encrypted email form.  She will contact you to discuss which Concierge Therapy Services Plan: a) Concierge Premium services  b) Concierge V.I.P. Elite service will best cater to your needs and lifestyle.  Each plan has a specific Fee schedule, Fee package, and service options available.  Dr. Freshwater will address your questions and learn about your most pressing needs. a) Concierge Premium  or  b) Concierge V.I.P. Elite.   Thank you


Cost of Consultation, Assessment, Diagnostics, Treatment with a Doctor.

Are you not sure what a "fair cost" for consultation or treatment with a doctor costs ?  Check out Healthcare Bluebook and Fair Health Consumer.  When reviewing the "cost" of consultation, assessment, diagnostics, and treatment, then  you will also want to keep in mind that fair cost varies depending on the providers level of education, licensure, additional certifications, areas of expertise, and years of practice.   When you hire a Doctor who is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Neuropsychologist with a PhD, and additional Post-Doctoral medical diplomas then you are making sure that you are hiring a doctor and a therapist with the highest level of degrees bestowed by academia and the highest degrees in the mental health market.

Please also keep in mind that other fields, such as, non-doctoral level : LMFC, LPC, LSCW and PA, LPN, RN, APRN  may offer lower fees, and unregulated fields such as non-licensed individuals who offer coaching may offer different fees. You get what you pay for so know the credentials of the provider, so make your investment worth it.

Payment :

  • Payment is due prior to or beginning of time of session

Please visit the client forms page to access the following helpful forms:

  • Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Cancellation Policy Form
  • IVY Processing Form for Credit Cards

What Are The Standard Fees for Other Services?

$400 per hour: Time spent performing any other service that you request, or service deemed clinically necessary for your care, or required by Federal or State law.  These services include: telephone conversations, texts, emails, consulting with other professionals, preparation of records, documentation, treatment summaries, discharge summaries. 15-minute increments are calculated at $100 per increment.

$450.00 per hour: Personality or emotional testing (psychological testing), Clinical Intake, record review, test administration, scoring of test data, interpretation of test data, report writing, and feed back of results. 15-minute increments are calculated at $87.00. per increment add-on.

NeuroBehavioral Status Exam: $450.00 per hour for professional time rendered in Clinical Intake, Record Review, NeuroBehavioral Status Exam testing, data scoring, data interpretation, report writing, and feedback.

NeuroPsychological Evaluation: $500 per hour professional time rendered in Clinical Intake, Record Review, NeuroPsychological testing, data scoring, data interpretation, report writing, and feedback.

$350.00 for 60-minutes: Chakras balancing -BioFieldsEnergy Healing, - REIKI-TUMMO with brief BioPsychoSocial Clinical Examination.

Forensic, Legal, Court, IME, I-360

If you become involved in legal proceedings you will be expected to pay for all professional time, including preparation time, and transportation time & costs, even if Dr. Freshwater is called for testimony, and/or subpoena for records/documents, or called to testify for another party, either as "Fact Witness" or "Expert Witness". Fee is $600.00 per hour for any or all preparation. You will pay in advance all transportation costs and also $500.00 per hour for travel time, and $600.00 per hour for deposition and $600.00 per hour for trial time, including wait time with a minimum of 3-hours.

If Dr. Shawna Freshwater an employee of Neuropsychological Institute, P.A. or Spacious Therapy.com  become involved in Disputes or Legal proceedings all time involved and rendered is at $600 per hour for any or all preparation. You will be responsible for payment of all transportation time & transportation costs (including $ 500 per hour of travel time), and $600.00 per hour for deposition, and $600.00 per hour for trial time, including wait time with a minimum of 3-hours.

If Dr. Shawna Freshwater an employee of Neuropsychological Institute, P.A. or SpaciousTherapy.com is retained as Expert Witness or a Fact Witness or is asked to become involved in any type of legal proceedings and/or forensic work the Fee is $600 per hour for any or all preparation. You will also pay in advance all transportation costs, and   travel time at $500.00 per hour, and $600.00 per hour for deposition, and $600.00 per hour for trial time, including wait time with a minimum of 3-hours.