Depression Therapy

There are several different types of depression that include: major depression, dysthymia (chronic low-grade depression), seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, and adjustment disorders.

Why Do People Become Depressed?

Sometimes the reason why someone becomes depressed is not immediately clear to them. Whereas others will attribute their depression to particular life circumstances: loss of a job, loss of finances, loss of a loved one, physical limitations, illness, aging. Some people report they are depressed because they feel helpless or hopeless about changing some aspect of their life. Others report feeling blocked or stuck in guilt, fear, or shame. Whereas others feel their very existence has no purpose or meaning. Also, it is common in depression not to feel connected to others. These are very valid and real forms of suffering.

What is the worse thing about depression?

You feel ALONE. Even if you have people in your life who would support you, you feel like you can’t open up to them. They wouldn’t understand anyway. So you withdraw from everyone. Negative thoughts replay in your head over and over again. “You’re better off dead. No one cares about you. You’ll always be alone. Things will never get better.” And you believe them. You’re unmotivated. There are so many things you want to do. You truly want life to get better. But at the same time, you just don’t care. You don’t want to do anything. It’s not worth the effort. You ask yourself, “What’s the point?” You convince yourself that nothing matters. You’ll still be miserable. You’re tired, sluggish. There’s no excitement in life. Every day seems to drag on and on. You’re existence seems meaningless. If you work, you’re counting the hours before you go home and get in bed. If you don’t, you’re unable to get out of bed. The bed is comforting. It’s like a sanctuary or a safe space. You’re shielded from the world but blanketed in sorrow. Then you have to face the stigma. Not everyone understands depression. They think you need to pull yourself together. They think you’re weak. Well-meaning people might tell you to exercise or pray or go out and have fun. But it all falls on deaf ears. The only thing you can hear is the sound of your own thoughts telling you how you’re less than. So the worst thing about depression? You feel broken, trapped, and alone.

Freedom from Depression

Essential Practices for Freedom from Depression

The true source of healing from depression comes from within—not from medications. Yet when depression drains away your hope, vitality, confidence, and power, how can you find the energy to help yourself?

Advanced clinical research in evidence scientifically proven psychotherapies promote new and empowering healing approaches for dealing with this misunderstood condition—a way out of the darkness that helps you restore balance and joy to your life.

Proven Techniques for Navigating Your Way Out of Depression

Through 20+ years of research and clinical practice with thousands of patients, I know just how very serious depression can be.

Cutting edge clinical research challenges the common very old medical model of depression as a strictly physical disease that is best treated with pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, clinical science demonstrate the mind-body connection as a wake-up call that our lives are out of balance.

There are several scientifically proven approaches to psychotherapy that help people with depression recover. These include Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Mindfulness based therapy, Acceptance Commitment therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy. Psychotherapy offers people the opportunity to identify the factors that contribute to their depression and to learn the tools to effectively handle the psychological, behavioral, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, and situational causes.

Drawing from these proven mind-body treatments that I have used with thousands of patients in clinics and major hospitals, as well as experiences with thousands of patients in my USA and European locations, I utilize a tailor made set of simple and elegant tools for you engaging more deeply with your life instead of withdrawing into the darkness of depression. I utilize a tailor made set because everyone is unique with their own history and personality, no two people experience depression in the same exact way.

Symptoms of depression include fatigue, low self esteem, appetite changes, poor concentration, insomnia or excessive sleeping, irritability, hopelessness, and sadness. How do you know if you might be depressed? Take the Quiz.

Depression can be a challenging illness to live with, but there are some excellent treatment options available. Join me in practical training for the relief of the symptoms of depression. We will use scientifically proven therapeutic modalities of  Mindfulness Based therapies, and Cognitive Behavioral therapies, and Mind-Body healing.

I also will guide you through Psychodynamic Therapy; exploring, processing, understanding, and healing through direct insight into your unique personality, and internal and external environmental circumstances that may be contributing to your depression, and often co-occurring anxiety.

I offer the boldest scientifically validated therapies so you can find true healing from this condition— You deserve to heal your mind, body, emotions, and brain from the assault of depression and often co-occurring stress and anxiety. You deserve to reclaim joy and vitality in your life.

Act Now. Clinical research reflects having one episode of depression greatly increases the risk of having another episode without therapy. Moreover, there is scientific evidence that ongoing psychotherapy may lessen the chance of future episodes or reduce their intensity. Through therapy, people can learn skills to avoid unnecessary suffering from later bouts of depression.

The order in which therapy flows is individualized to each patient’s needs, goals, and interests. Depression Therapy can be completed during live in-office visits, or by video conferencing for patients who live far away or are simply too busy for office visits.
You are important and valued.
Step out of the darkness and into the Light with me.

Thank you for existing,
Dr. Shawna