Send an email to schedule an appointment.

If you are a New Patient reaching out for a Psychological Consultation or a Neurologic Consultation, or any other Services, then please visit the FAQ section and FEE schedule page prior to scheduling appointment.  Thank you.

You are invited to send an encrypted email using the encrypted email form on this page. Please leave your contact information and the best time to set up your appointment.  Note: Per Federal and State law for medical and mental health consultations: please upload a clear and readable copy of your Government issue photo ID, such as, drivers license, to the encrypted email to confirm your identity, place of legal residence, and to reserve your appointment date/time. Please inform us, if you are requesting New Consultation for Online Clinic,  In-person,  or Concierge visit.  Thank you.

If you and Dr. Freshwater have already decided to work together, then please download, print out, and complete in advance the paper work that you will find on the client forms page.

Dr. Freshwater will send you an encrypted email that you can upload the paperwork to return.  Please return all paper work, and a copy of your government photo issued I.D.     Thank you

Email: please use encrypted email form to request appointment.  Please read all instructions on this page:  you can upload your ID to the encrypted email below. You will see "file attachments" Add File" Thank you

Online Clinics USA & International : Services are by Appointment.

Concierge Services: Priority Accessibility