Coaching versus Psychotherapy

Coaching Success with Dr. Shawna Freshwater

Is Coaching What I Need? 

Do you want to be successful?  Are you ready to get what you want in your relationships, life, health, school, and career ?  

Coaching services are an awesome fit if you want to learn strength based tools to navigate work-life-relation-health challenges.  

Dr. Freshwater’s coaching services may be an awesome fit for you if you feel like you would benefit from guidance, advice, and leadership. Coaching is not the same as psychotherapy. 

Coaching versus Psychotherapy 

Coaching Solutions

Do you feel unable to get your goals met at work? or not performing as well as you would like in school or your career?  Are you procrastinating ?  Are you afraid to take the next big step towards your aspirations?  

Are you doing pretty well professionally, but just not near where you know you have the potential to be?

Do you feel worn out or unfulfilled or lost?

Are you highly ambitious, but feel stuck ?  Are you intelligent, but lack self-confidence?

Are you ready to leave an unhealthy relationship?  Are you ready to enter the dating scene?  

Are you ready to improve your LifeStyle? Or improve your functioning in any area of your life? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it is highly probable you could benefit from coaching.

Coaching is a great tool for people who are currently stuck and who could use the guidance, advice, and leadership of a clinical psychologist to figure out their next steps.

Coaching is Short-term and Laser Focused 

Coaching is a great for navigating a difficult life transition (e.g. break up, new job, moving to a new city, moving to college), wanting to improve your personal development, social skills, dating and relationships, navigate career choices and challenges, emotional health maintenance, MindBody wellness, work-life integration, and more… 

Coaching is Guidance and Advice 

Coaching clients received direct guidance and professional advice.  Coaching with Dr. Freshwater also includes behavioral change with any personality traits that may be creating obstacles or resistances that are getting in the way of your personal and professional success. 

Coaching is Strength Based 

Dr. Shawna practices a Strength Based model as the foundation for all of her evidenced scientific proven coaching modalities. Strength Based is grounded in Positive Psychology. Strength Based is about epic and powerful growth. Your strengths are harnessed and leveraged to create a more fulfilling and productive life. 

Why Choose Coaching with a Clinical Psychologist ?

As a Clinical Psychologist, we are highly trained in personality types, traits, cognitive-behavioral analyses, and therefore we are the leaders in coaching.  

Our in-depth training in personalities, identity formations, and cognitive-behavioral functional systems gives us the edge up in coaching. 

Your implementing effective coaching tools that you will learn relies heavily on your personality…And Dr. Freshwater is an expert in assessing personality and any mind-made and behavioral resistances that may occur. Major breakthroughs can occur in a short period of time. 

***In other words, Dr. Freshwater will guide you so you don’t get in your own way of achieving success. 

What if I don’t know if I need Coaching or Psychotherapy? 

As a Clinical Psychologist, I am also aware of when a client is a better fit for psychotherapy.  Typically, an individual in need of psychotherapy with a Clinical Psychologist experiences inability to function in their daily every day lives.  

For example, if you are experiencing risk concerns, such as frequent thoughts of self-harm, or current chronic moderate -severe mood dysfunction, or acute changes in behaviors, then psychotherapy is the appropriate choice.

It is noted when I screen my clients to see if we are an awesome match, I will recommend psychotherapy if I think that is the best option to meet their needs.  Otherwise, I will recommend coaching based as the best option to meet the clients needs.

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Shawna Freshwater, PhD

Shawna Freshwater, PhD

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