Clinical Psychology Solves Complex Human Problems

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

There is nothing more unique and complex than a human being. 

Clinical psychology is a science of understanding the uniqueness and complexity of a human being.  Clinical Psychologists help people live healthier lives.  Clinical Psychologists apply clinical research and science of Brain – Mind- Emotion- Personality- Behavior to understand and help the problems their patients experience. Clinical Psychologists also promote resilience and help people discover their strengths. 

Clinical Psychologists provide clinical and counseling services, assess and treat mental, emotional, personality,  and behavioral disorders. We integrate the science of psychology and the treatment of complex human problems with the intention of promoting positive change, prevention of MindBody illness, and promotion of MindBody wellness.

Understanding Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is a speciality.  Clinical psychology is a complex and diverse specialty area within psychology.   It addresses a breadth of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, personality, and integrating the science of psychology with the prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of complicated human problems and disorders.

Clinical Psychology also recognizes the importance of understanding the roles of culture and context in mediating healthy psychological development, psychopathology, and psychotherapeutic change.

Clinical Psychology Applied

The speciality of clinical psychology has evolved over the decades. Clinical Psychologists provide clinical services and spend decades trained in a wide range of psychological | psychotherapy techniques, paradigms, and theoretical approaches that equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance the science of psychology, the professional practice of psychology, and people’s general health and well-being.

Clinical psychologists work in many settings: ranging from private practice and hospitals to careers in industries as varied from clinical research, integrated public health care, teaching, program development and evaluation, social service organizations, consultation, public policy and professional practice.

Some clinical psychologists work exclusively on specific mental, emotional and behavioral issues. These range from short-term problems, such as difficulties resulting from relationship conflict or work stress, to more serious and often chronic conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. 

Clinical Psychologists may also focus on specific populations like youth; families; couples; racial and ethnic groups; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals; and older people.  

Clinical Psychology IS a Speciality…just like a physician will have a speciality, such as neurology.   

Clinical Psychologists are the highest trained and skilled psychotherapists.  

In the USA, Clinical Psychologists are the highest trained and skilled psychotherapists holding doctoral and postdoctoral degrees with the title “Licensed Clinical Psychologist”. 

Clinical psychologists are the leaders in the development of psychological tests and measurements, forefront leaders in the development and application of psychotherapy paradigms and psychotherapy treatment modalities, and the lead in the assessment, diagnosis, and application of evidence based clinical psychotherapies for intervention of mental illness and the prevention of mental illness.

Clinical Psychologists are invaluable. The application of our clinical research and the science behind our work make Clinical Psychologists invaluable in mental health and medical health care settings, and in hospitals, schools, courts, the government, the military, Veterans Affairs — And almost anywhere you can imagine.

Don’t settle for less. Choose the best!  Clinical Psychologists are top.  Choose a Doctor who is a specialist of Clinical Psychology. 

USA trained Clinical Psychologists earn doctoral and postdoctoral degrees.  If you are searching for a Clinical Psychologist ask about their doctoral and postdoctoral education.  You will want a Clinical Psychologist who is licensed and received doctoral and postdoctoral education accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).  

Peace, Dr. Shawna Freshwater
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

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P.S. I will write a note on Clinical Neuropsychologists (Brain-Behavior) next.

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Shawna Freshwater, PhD

Shawna Freshwater, PhD

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