Mindfulness: changing your difficult emotions

Mindfulness: transforming difficult emotions

How do you transform the relationship you have with your emotions? I recommend several different techniques and the rationale behind them. I will be succinct and straight forward in my recommendations, all of which fall into the category of “Mind Training” or “Lojong”.  Mind training originates from the Eastern practices and wisdoms that are more…

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negative coping to stress, trauma, PTSD

Negative Coping to Stress, Trauma, and PTSD

If you are stressed out, experience symptoms of trauma or have PTSD, then you may try to deal with your problems through avoidance and other negative ways of coping that are detrimental and self-defeating behaviors that make your mental and physical health worse.   This is called negative coping. To cope is to make a…

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Am I Depressed? Take the Quiz

How Do I Know If I Am Depressed? Take the Quiz.

Depression Quiz Here is a list of symptoms/signs: If you have one or more, then you may be depressed. These symptoms/signs are the alert signals as a “call to action” to seek assessment from a qualified mental health practitioner. Do you feel sad, blue, dysphoric, unhappy, or empty inside? Have you lost your interest in…

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