Free yourself from Anxiety

Free Yourself From Anxiety

  Free Yourself From Anxiety.  Life is abundant with problems, challenges and obstacles. For every problem solved, another will present. We often think  problems, challenges, and obstacles as being negative. When we think about them as being negative or overwhelming…there will be reactive energy felt in the body in the forms of physical stress (e.g.…

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Stress Anxiety

3 Types of Stress and Health Hazards

Stress is a feeling that people have when they are struggling to cope with challenges related to finances, work, relationships, environment, and other situations. Moreover, stress is felt when an individual perceives a real or imagined challenge or threat to a their well-being. People often use the word stress interchangeably with anxiety, feeling anxious, fearful,…

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Online Psychotherapy

Online Psychotherapy TeleMentalHealth

Online Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Mental Health Check-ins Welcome to the New Age of Online Mental Health Services   I have been conducting personality/emotional evaluations and providing psychotherapy to patients in major USA hospitals, community mental health clinics, and private practice for more than 20-years. When I was living abroad as an Expat outside the USA,…

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Anxiety, Worry

All About Generalized Anxiety: When Worry and Anxiety Don’t Go Away

Are you experiencing anxiety related to the present? Past? Future? Are your worries interfering with the life you want to live? ……..because there is nothing that the worrying mind cant make into a problem, so let us get that under control. Good Science: Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. You may feel anxious…

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