Broken Heart Repair Therapy


Break Ups are Hard, Therapy can Help You Feel Better.

People come to see me if they are getting a divorce, have separated, loss of a loved one, infidelity/betrayal, or have just ended a relationship. Even if the relationship ends because you want it to end, it still hurts emotionally and physically. Yes, it is scientifically proven. There is a “Broken Heart” syndrome.

Broken heart syndrome occurs at times of acute emotional stress, such as the sudden death of a loved one.  The condition is called broken heart syndrome. Also known as stress cardiomyopathy, neurogenic stunned myocardium, takotsubo cardiomyopathy, and apical ballooning of the heart.

If you were in an abusive relationship of any kind (i.e. emotional, psychological, and/or physical), then we will be working together on healing more than just a broken heart. We will incorporate Trauma Therapy too.

How I Help with Relationship Break-ups and Loss

Are you ready to start your new life, but you are feeling stuck and you are needing some guidance in order to fully heal from your past relationship?

Over the past 20+-years, I have had the privilege to provide individuals with the psychotherapeutic, counseling, and emotional support that is needed to heal from a relationship break up or loss of a significant love, and also give them the tools to thrive in their new life. This is more than just about finding love again, it is about learning, growing, and expanding who you think you are and the worthiness you have to attract all that you want and deserve.

THERAPY PHASE 1. Healing is critical towards healthy recovery. Each person that reaches out to me is at a different phase in the healing journey. Some are just starting on the journey and may be thinking, thinking, and more thinking… and feeling so many emotions, such as abandonment, loneliness, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, guilt, anger, resentment, low self-worth.

Some people try to numb, avoid, or deny the pain of a break up by self-defeating behaviors, such as emotional eating, alcohol, or substance use, promiscuity, or jump immediately right into another relationship. It is important to feel what we need to feel after a relationship loss or break up and really process our story. However, we don’t want to remain living in the past. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your past, grow from it, and move on.

Healthy recovery includes forgiveness, learning to accept, and letting go. It sure sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, most often this is where a lot of people stay stuck. They cannot get past the hurt. They struggle to accept what has happened and repeat the same obsessive thinking, emotional, behavioral pain patterns that keep them suffering. It is self-defeating and self-sabotage. You have a precious life. Do you want to move forward and live it?  If your answer, is "yes", then I can help.

THERAPY PHASE 2. Rebuilding your self-esteem and confidence. After the ending of or a loss of a relationship, we may have low self-worth, we may feel that we lost part of ourselves. We may even feel a loss of identity. I have heard my patients say, “I don’t know who I am anymore”. In Phase 2, we will focus on rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem. Consequently, you will become your own coach, best friend and partner. You therefore become whole within yourself, so you can create your new life! Phase 2 is about getting you to a healthy place where you are believing in yourself, motivating yourself, valuing yourself, and loving yourself unconditionally. These are the healthy self-love warrior characteristics and new behaviors that will allow you to attract healthy people into your life, and also keep the toxic people away.

THERAPY PHASE 3. New Life Reconstruction. Knowing who you are and what you want is absolutely Epic. We will focus on what you want this next phase of your life to look and feel like.  Once you know what you want will you actually go out there and make it happen? This is where we reconstruct your new life.  You may want to begin dating, change careers, move, or create an entire new life. This is the most exciting and important place to be. Your entire life can change if you want because you will finally start to focus on the most important relationship in your life...the relationship with yourself! Everything you want in life starts with YOU!
You decide what happens next in your life.

Pychotherapy, counseling, and emotional support for a relationship break up or broken heart can change your entire life.

The Benefits of Therapy, Counseling, & Emotional Support:

  • Master your thinking
  • Master your emotions
  • Heal from your past
  • Learn from your past
  • Let go of the past
  • Learn how to stop self-defeating behaviors
  • Develop healthy boundaries with others
  • Build confidence, self-worth, self-esteem
  • Learn how to trust your intuition
  • Relieve depression, anxiety, panic
  • Learn tools to increase your self-awareness
  • Learn what is healthy love and that you are worthy of it.
  • Learn how to self-soothe when life is tough
  • Create healthy standards for your life

You are worth love,
Dr. Shawna