Generosity causes Happiness

Scientists Discover Neuronal Link Between Generosity and Happiness

  Neuroscientists discover neuronal link between generosity and happiness There have been reports that people who are generous in giving time (e.g. volunteering) or giving money to others or any random acts of loving kindness or other forms of generosity report greater happiness. Until recently, it was unclear scientifically why generous people are happier. A…

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Mindfulness: changing your difficult emotions

Mindfulness: transforming difficult emotions

How do you transform the relationship you have with your emotions? I recommend several different techniques and the rationale behind them. I will be succinct and straight forward in my recommendations, all of which fall into the category of “Mind Training” or “Lojong”.  Mind training originates from the Eastern practices and wisdoms that are more…

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negative coping to stress, trauma, PTSD

Negative Coping to Stress, Trauma, and PTSD

If you are stressed out, experience symptoms of trauma or have PTSD, then you may try to deal with your problems through avoidance and other negative ways of coping that are detrimental and self-defeating behaviors that make your mental and physical health worse.   This is called negative coping. To cope is to make a…

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Coping with Traumatic Stress

Positive Coping with Traumatic Stress

When trauma survivors take direct action to cope with their stress reactions, they put themselves in a position of  awesome power. Positive active coping with trauma makes you begin to feel less helpless, not a victim, and like a Warrior. • Active coping means accepting the impact of trauma on your life and taking direct…

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Acute Stress Disorder STRESSED OUT

OMG STRESSED OUT Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) is a caused by traumatic stress and lasts at least 3 days to 1-month. The DSM-5 manual states that stressful events which do not include severe and traumatic components do not lead to Acute Stress Disorder . Acute Stress Disorder develops after exposure to one or more traumatic events,…

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