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Who can benefit from therapy? Every body with a head.

  • We all go through life’s journey of challenges, losses, and stressful situations.
  • We all acquire along the journey some psychological and emotional bruises that are not healed.
  • We all acquire conditioned patterns of reacting that may become unhealthy for our well-Being.
  • We all develop defenses and conditioned responses against unpleasant experiences, thoughts, and emotions that ultimately, if left untreated, will lead to symptoms and suffering.
  • We all experience at some point or another periods of fear, anxiety, worry, depressed mood, loss, low-self-esteem, grief,  helplessness, emotional wounds, and stress.
  • We all want to fit in, form intimate relationships, and strive for success.

The Balance of the Most Powerful Approaches for Growth, Healing, & Transformation

State of the Sciences Evidence Based Therapies

brain science & psychology of the Western medical practices integrated with wisdom sciences of the Eastern practices

Hi, I'm Dr. Shawna Freshwater


Dr. Shawna Freshwater

I already know 4 of your strengths. You are Resilient, Courageous, Intelligent, & Unique. Seeking help is a sign of resilience and courage. Reaching out to a PhD expert in psychology is a sign of intelligence. You are Not a diagnosis out of a text book. You are, One of a kind~ with a unique & awesome personality. 

If you hang out with me for too long, I'll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything.


You are way more than enough.  Let's get you EPIC. There’s no better feeling than being yourself in all your glory, uniqueness, and humanity, and to be welcomed,  understood, and accepted as you are, and be moving forward under the leverage of the gifts of being seen, heard, known, and valued.

 I relate to you as a SuperSoul not as a psychiatric diagnosis. You Are Special.  There is no one else like you, not now, before, or after.   I view symptoms from a growth  oriented perspective because symptoms are the alert signals telling you that something about your life, in your life, or your approach to life is not in balance. I guide you on your journey with a strength based approach to heal and transform from the “Inside-out” and the “Outside-In.” Its kinda like a Mind-Emotion-Body Detox.

Take Your Doctor Home With You
I am your portable therapist 

Your Therapeutic Revolution is waiting! My expertise allows me to practice Internationally. I love what I do and I am good at it. I meet you where ever you are through either Concierge Services Or OnLine encrypted Video/Audio platform.  How cool is That ~you have a doctor who makes "House Calls" and you have a portable therapist.


Concierge Services and Online Therapy is a Revolution. Connect with me in person and via Online video conferencing from anywhere in the World 


I welcome diversity including all body sizes, abilities, races, sexualities, genders, religions, countries of origin, eclectic values, and cool people.

With Love & Light, Shawna M. Freshwater, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, NeuroPsychologist, Holistic Healer

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