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Dr. Shawna Freshwater

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Dr. Shawna Freshwater

Dr. Freshwater conducts evidence-based psychological testing, neuropsychological evaluations, personality evaluations, and utilizes the gold standard in advanced therapies.

Based on the gathered scientific testing data obtained from her patient, Dr. Freshwater utilizes advanced treatment protocols with recommendations based on the individual's needs, goals, and results of the in-depth evaluations.

Dr. Freshwater utilizes an integrative functional whole human health approach to promoting Psychological Health, Mind Body Resilience, Brain Health, and Spiritual Connection.  She is an expert in finding solutions for her patients, with a particular focus on identifying and treating root causes of mind-body illnesses, emotional distress, behavioral problems, psychiatric illness, brain injury illness, and relational problems, and personality dynamics.

She provides the most advanced psychotherapies


Neuroscience advance modalities

Dr. Freshwater empowers her patients and clients with a strength based holistic approach, but includes psychiatric medication management if needed.  She is devoted to helping individuals heal and transform from the “Inside-out” and the “Outside-In.”

Its kinda like a Brain-Mind-Emotion-Body Detox.

Create the HEALTHY LIFE that YOU want to LIVE


Dr. Freshwater is absolutely dedicated to any person who struggles with brain dysfunction, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, self-esteem, relationships, addictions, identity confusion, or feels lost.

She is highly skilled at prevention model of care and interventional model of care.  Dr. Freshwater is a MindBody unity doctor. She utilizes an integrative approach personalizing each plan to your medical and psychological needs; your lifestyle, and personality organization.

You are invited to explore how to get you to a place where your stress, worries, traumas, and dramas no longer run your life.

Move you out of Fight and Flight and into Stay and Play

Your success and optimal health are her obsessions

Your Transformation Revolution is waiting!

Dr, Freshwater meets you In-person clinic, or through either Concierge Services Or Online encrypted Video/Audio platform.
How cool is That ~you have a doctor who is "On Call"  for you, makes "House Calls" and you have a portable therapist.

Lets Get Started and Get Connected

Show Up and Be Seen 

Diversity inclusive of all body sizes, abilities, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, religions, countries of origin, eclectic values, and cool people.

 Dr. Shawna M. Freshwater

Clinical Psychologist, NeuroPsychologist, Holistic Practitioner 

verified by Psychology Today

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